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Custom Nutrition

Made according to your genetic needs

DNA Analysis specific to Actionable Genes

There are genes that determine hair colour and eye colour, those we can’t change.  There are 18 genes and variants that are deemed ‘actionable” and can directly impact our health.  Actionable means, they have been studied and researched for ways to mitigate the negative effects of variants.  All research is White Papered and has shown that precise supplementation of vitamins, minerals and specific whole foods can enhance the function of our genes.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Although I have yet to hear of anyone returning their supplements, if you are not satisfied you may return within 30 days for a refund

Custom Plans

Each person has their own unique DNA so your nutritional supplements will reflect that.  Choosing from almost 100 ingredients using complex algorithms, your supplements are made fresh every month to your your body’s exact specifications.

Be Able To Incorporate Health intoYour Busy Lifestyle

There are no arduous meal plans and no special ingredients to run out and buy.  You start with a simple and gently 30 day cellular cleans while you wait for your test results.  Within 3 to 4 weeks your results are emailed to you and your custom supplements will be made and delivered to you.  You can cancel or postpone delivery at any time with no penalty.

You simply take the supplements as directed and that’s it.  Keep living your healthy lifestyle and fuel your body with exactly what it needs.