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Why do I care if it’s cruelty-free?

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Effects of the outdated and still used Draize and skin tests

I’ve written a lot about cruelty-free beauty and cruelty-free products in my blog posts. Here, I’ve linked to a couple of articles on the subject, and the bottom line is,  I do not believe that animals should be harmed, maimed or tortured to make sure we look pretty and smell better.  The painful truth of what occurs in cosmetics animal testing labs to me is horrifying.  There are alternatives to animal testing, but still, over 80% of countries allow testing on animals for cosmetics.  Times they are a-changin’ with some governments passing bills to make the practice illegal but, as you will read in the above two articles China mandates testing and THAT is a huge problem.  We, as consumers, can make a difference and we have so many beautiful cruelty-free options!  As Canadians though, we often get stuck with the cost of ordering from the US or abroad.  Not to worry, I’ve so far found two massive sources of Canadian cruelty-free shopping!

Amazon Canada has a massive list of over 200 cruelty-free products!

Here’s a question for you Canucks out there.  Are you Canadian girls and guys sick and tired of spending a fortune on exchange, duties and taxes when ordering cruelty-free products from the US?  I know I am!

I recently wrote about a fabulous Canadian Company called Camomile Beauty that carries over 40 companies and 100’s of products that are guaranteed to be cruelty-free, and did you know that Amazon Canada also has a massive section devoted entirely to 100’s of cruelty-free products? Makeup, makeup tools, false lashes, lash builders, skin care for face and body, children’s skincare, shampoo/conditioner, essential oils and deodorant; it’s all here!  For us Canadian girls it’s a Woop Woop!  I for one, am giddy to find eyelash growth serum as it’s not as commonly available in Canada as it is in the US, but I digress.

You read the blogs; you surf around a bit trying to decide what to buy.  If you end up on Amazon, then you need to check out Amazon’s Cruelty-Free Beauty Section.   Go ahead and check it out; from there you can search brand names, or specific products and chances are, it’s going to be there.  Please note, there are random non-cruelty-free items that sneak through, but you’re smart people, and I know you’ll be able to eliminate those when browsing.  If you’re not sure of whether it is or isn’t cruelty-free please ask, I’m more than happy to help you out!

Amazon Prime

Are you an Amazon Prime member?  Great, you get two-day free shipping so no waiting around!  If you’re not a Prime Member yet, you can find out if it’s worth the membership fee by clicking on the logo below for details.

Consumer superheroes

I’m not one to don a cape and head out with my placard screaming for justice, that’s just not me.  I will sign petitions asking for legislative change, I will answer questions and educate on why I’m an advocate for cruelty-free cosmetics and personal/household products, and finally, I will support the companies that are trying to make a difference in ending animal testing; that is me.  My motto is one person at a time and one product at a time; we will make a difference!

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