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What’s In My Cosmetic Drawers?  Should I Call It A Cosmetic Graveyard?

OK, I can’t believe I’m showing you all of this mess.  That is one embarrassing photo!  My cosmetics drawer is big and deep and there’s stuff I haven’t seen in years, no kidding!  I wanted to see what I’ve used in the past compared to now, a good time to really purge and get organized.  If it isn’t cruelty-free it’s gone.

 One thing I did realize is that I’m a packrat and not only is some of this stuff NOT cruelty-free, but it’s also plain old and gross and has gotta go!  Yes, I do in fact have a cosmetic graveyard.

Once I started my cruelty-free journey, it wasn’t as easy as replacing everything I used right then and there.  I had to stay budget conscience, and I began very gradually.  I’m happy to say the products I use now are all cruelty-free and I’ve got my family on board with my quest as well.  A small victory but it’s a victory, and I’ll take it.

Alrighty, with all of that said, here we go folks, the good, bad and the ugly of my cosmetic graveyard, I mean drawer.


The cosmetic bags  

It’s ridiculous how I’ve been storing my products.  Whether it’s in really old bags that I don’t use or floating around in the bottom of my drawer something has to change.  It has to be easy, it has to be manageable.  I don’t want cute mini shelves to carefully put things back where they came from, that just won’t work for me. There has to be ease of use where I don’t have to dig around or empty my stuff out onto the counter to find what I want. I really I’d like something I can use at home and travel without any fuss or muss.  I went hunting and I found this style of the bag I need.

 This is a 2 pack with travel bottles as well!  Reviews are all 5*, an example…

5.0 out of 5 stars holds a LOT, seems durable
ByMom of Two Girls on March 14, 2018
Very satisfied! Quick delivery, great product, lays flat…holds a LOT more than expected. Large size?multiple foundations, compacts, lotion, lash curler, tunes of lipstick, and so much more!


About the product
  • UNIQUE DESIGN – When you open the drawstring, the bag layout completely flat within seconds, you can see all of your toiletries and cosmetics at once. No more digging and dumping in a traditional black hole make up bag and easy to find everything.
  • MAGIC POCKET – The outside has a mini pocket, the Inside has two zipper pocket, which can be respectively provided with small beauty tools, sharp cutting eyebrow clip or cosmetic cotton and so on. Solve the trouble of carrying small items.
  • SMALL STATURE LARGE CAPACITY – Unfold size:20”*20”, it is enough to put all the daily essentials into the single bag. This makeup holder can be opened into a round type, which helps place makeup items; but when shrunk, it becomes a pouch bag.
  • PERFECT TRAVELING SIZE CONTAINERS – Well thought out and contains everything you need for travel, come with 4 bottles and 2 jars for your shampoo, conditioner, body soap, makeup and more.
  • BEAUTY BAG IN BAG – Waterproof material, made of high-quality Oxford cloth, dirt resistant and easy to clean. You can organize your cosmetic sets in this bag when you travel or on business. You can put it into your suitcase and save space.

I NEED this baby!  You know what else I like that I found in the Q&A Section?  It has a lip around the edge so stuff won’t roll out.  Time to retire my very old Maggie B bags.  I’m doing a happy dance!

ps Don’t worry, I’m keeping the Longchamp but it needs a cleaning and a repurpose!

A Pat on the back for me


I’m happy and relieved to say that I do not have any skin care products that are animal tested.  Rodan and Fields are my favourite and that’s that.

This may go to my head


 I’m feeling pretty smug right now because all my oils are indeed cruelty-free.  You and Oil Acai, Fig and Marula Oil as well as delia organics Nail & Cuticle Oil are from Love Goodly, and I use them both regularly.  John Paul Selects Marula Oil has run out and although lovely, was quite frankly expensive for me to get, so I have had to say goodbye.

Just when i was feeling pretty darn smug


NOT cruelty-free!  Neutrogena’s parent company is Johnson and Johnson, and they sell in mainland China which means it’s involved indirectly in animal testing.  I now use eye makeup that comes off when I wash my face, so I don’t use eye makeup remover anymore.  It’s also pretty clear that I haven’t used the cloths in a coon’s age because they are dry as a bone!  The verdict = gone to the garbage, and if I need makeup remover, there are a ton of cruelty-free options.  Fig and Flower have a ton of makeup remover wipes and Gabriel has a liquid eye makeup remover that looks really nice!

I was a very Sad Panda


Here’s where I went from really sad to happy.  Let’s start with my sad news, Jo Malone.  Although the company states,

“We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law.”

Here’s the deal with that statement.  Jo Malone has many boutique locations across Mainland China which means they are aware that animal testing is occurring as per China’s current laws.  Add to that;  Estee Lauder a purchased Jo Malone, Estee Lauder still tests on animals.  I guess that one is going from the back of my drawer to my wastebasket grave, sigh.

Now my happy…..DefineMe Fragrance.  I love their choice of scents, the packaging, the customer service.  I’ve blogged about this company because I’m a convert.  I’ve recently affiliated with another scent company called Skylar that has personal fragrances that sound amazing as well as scented candles.  The sample pack of candles will be in my next order of things to try I think!

Yes, I have a lot


Since this was second to skin care in my search for cruelty-free products I’m happy to say that ALL of it in my drawer is cruelty-free.  Why do I have so many mascaras you ask?  Well, I wanted to gradually try different brands to see if any of them stand out heads and tails above the rest.

The Cherry Blooms system is very cool and works like crazy, but I’ll warn you it’s pricey.

PUR Cosmetics mascara goes on well and washes off easily.

Physicians Formula has many formulations for you to look over.  I’ve only tried the one in the photo, and it was a pleasant, simple mascara but, one to try would be the instant lash booster system because it’s much more reasonably priced than Cherry Blooms.

Uniful from Love Goodly I just received so honestly, I can’t tell you much yet.

So far my favorite is Iconoclast by butter London.  I blogged about this mascara because for me it’s just the best thing ever!  Double Decker is a close second, it’s a different formulation and a completely different brush.  If you’re anything like me, it can be all about the brush!

Batting 500 


I’m 50/50 here. The two Nuskin liners are NOT cruelty-free because they sell in Mainland China.  My Nuskin eye-liners have gone bye-bye.

Sonia Kashuk liners I’ve been buying forever so when I first started out on this journey I was genuinely happy that they are in fact cruelty-free!  You can see from the photo my Olive is down to a nub and I need to order more!

Antonym is a brand new liner for me; it came in my recent Love Goodly box.  So far so good, it glides on effortlessly and smooth and has an excellent sharpener on the other end of the stick.  It sharpens to a sharp point which is a bonus and not always the easiest result to get with soft liners.

Bye Bye old friends


Well, I’m happy to say I have more cruelty-free than not.

Here I go again with Nuskin (see eyeliner).  I have lip plumper and pink lipstick.  Gone, bye bye.

The old lip plumper is to be replaced by a new order of Winky Lux Pucker Up Lip Plumper in Pink Lemonade.  I’ve also run out of Flower Balm, so that’s on order too, I love that it colors to your pH to give you a personalized pink!  Shown here in my collection is their Lip Velour Matte Lipstick which packs a massive punch of color!

Pacifica Devocean Natural lipstick is new to me and also came in a Love Goodly box.  I love the neutral pink and creamy feel,  it’s a keeper!

Don’t Judge me


 If you look closely you’ll see that a couple of these have been in the bottom of my drawer for quite some time.  Good thing because neither pass my criteria and have been thrown away.

Maybelline is a no go for cruelty-free.  They sell in Mainland China, and it’s parent company L’Oreal has a history of animal testing.  Nothing more needs to be said except that thing is in rough shape and I should be embarrassed haha.

Chanel, this one is as old as dirt too, I’m talking YEARS old plus it is NOT cruelty-free, so I’m deep-sixing that one as well.

Smashbox is a bit of a puzzle.  It’s listed as cruelty-free by PETA and doesn’t sell in China, but it’s owned by parent company Estee Lauder which does have a record of animal testing and selling in China. Hmmmmm.  Upon looking at the fine print, it’s made in China, hmmm.  So who to believe is what I want to know.  PETA usually stands pretty firm on this, but it seems that they are stepping off their path.  I think I’ll have to classify this one as NOT cruelty-free just because there are too many factors leading me there.  Bye-bye.

That leads me to the two I’ll keep, both of which arrived in Love Goodly subscription boxes,  Antonym Baked Blush, I ordered Peach, and it is a beautiful color that works for me.  Here’s the bonus, it’s natural and organic certified by Ecocert.  11% of the total ingredients are from organic farming, and 99.3% of elements are from natural origins.  The last one I have is Glowing Halo Bronzer by Saint.  The color is pretty universal; I feel that it would work on any complexion, it’s a pressed powder that stays on the brush, and the packaging is beautiful with a small mirror to help you out on the go.  Glad I got these in the subscription boxes, they are a find!

Yes, now I’m embarrassed enough!


Are you embarrassed for me yet?  These are awful, and these are insanely old!  Cruelty-free or not they’ve got to go because it’s just plain gross!

Maybelline is the purple set.  It’s at the bottom of my drawer without a lid, and it took me a while to figure out who made it.  I got out the magnifying glass to see that it is, in fact, a Maybelline product.  We’ve already been over why they aren’t cruelty-free, and it’s gone.

The other set is called Teye Minerals made by a local spa called Oasis Wellness.  Try as I might I can’t find any information on whether they have cruelty-free practices.  Since this set is so bloody old, I’m not bothering to contact them directly to find out because health wise it just needs to go.  There are way too many beautiful products out there to choose from to mess around with this!  However, if anyone is wondering,  I’d be happy to contact them directly to find out their animal testing policy,  just say the word.

Not sure what to do


I’ve had this for a while, yes, but it’s still in good shape.  I have a problem though; I don’t know if it can be honestly classified as cruelty-free anymore.  IT Cosmetics is PETA certified BUT, in 2018 the company sold to L’Oreal for $1.2 Billion.  IT doesn’t in anyway participate in testing, but their parent company does.  PETA is confusing me yet again because that’s the kiss of death for some companies, but not others.  What to do, what to do?

I’m going to err on the side of caution and look into Cover Fx100% Pure, or Afterglow to help find my perfect shade.  My beloved IT will just have to go.

 Going Non-Toxic


My favorite is not pictured here because it went home with my daughter.  It’s a Glazen lacquer from butter London, and I take it to the salon to get my pedicure done with it!  I’ve ordered 3 new colours and it’s worth every penny because it lasts and lasts!  I’ve written all about butterLondon polish on my Nail Page, read all about what 8 free means and you’ll feel even better about spending a wee bit more on your next polish purchase.

Nail and Bone again came from Love Goodly.  Seriously, what would I do without these boxes?  They let me try so many things on a budget!  Anyway, these were custom made for Love Goodly in collaboration with Kaley Cuoco.  The price point is better than butterLondon but my daughter and I both agree it’s a different consistency.  Nail and Bone polishes are also 8 free!

Sally Hansen and Essie are popular brands at your local pharmacy or drug/cosmetics store but they definatley are NOT cruelty-free.  Enough said, they’re gone!

Phew…I’m feeling pretty relieved right now.  The best thing is that I have a better handle on what I have and what I need.  I like to try things and review them so stay tuned and see what’s next.  If there’s something you love and want to tell me about it, by all means, weigh in!  I’d like to hear from you with your comments and questions.