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I Found My Favourite!!!

I’ve been searching for what I consider to be the best cruelty-free mascara for me.  See, mascara is the one thing, other than a good moisturizer that I don’t like to skip.  Colour me vain, but I don’t want my eyes looking like two pee holes in the sand.   I’ve shopped, I’ve tried a BUNCH I liked and then I got a free sample of ICONOCLAST.


The Long and Short Of It.

I don’t have great natural lashes, and I’ve used lash builders that worked well, but when I ran out a while ago, I thought it was a good time to start testing mascara.  If mascaras work on my lashes, they’ll pretty well work on anyone.  So, I’m testing out mascaras with what my momma gave me.  I have some long, some short but mostly thin lashes.  My application preference is one coat, maybe two and no, no, no clumping.  The brush has to be able to get to my tiny baby lashes and make them into something.  Finally, the mascara has to stay on if my eyes water (they do, a lot) and it can’t flake, I can’t be looking like a raccoon by the end of the day. Finally, I want easy to wash off when I wash my face.  I know….so demanding!

Nailed It!

butterLONDON, I have to say, nailed it for me with ICONOCLAST Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara.  This stuff is super fantastic!  ICONOCLAST is Ophthalmologist tested, contains Vitamin B to promote the growth of your lashes and builds lash strength to prevent breakage with fortifying amino acids.  It also includes Shea, Murumuru, Mango, and Cupuacu butter to condition lashes.  That’s the behind the scenes details but now for the upfront what you see.  The formula doesn’t clump, smudge or flake. For this girl that has “dry eye” watery eyes that I rub sometimes, that is big. Wait, you’re wondering, if I have “dry eye” why are they watering?  It’s all very complicated and my Ophthalmologist I’m sure would happily explain it to you.  It hasn’t smudged or flaked on me yet even after a rough day of eye rubbing.  It lasts and doesn’t run down my face when putting in my medicated eye drops.  The formulation of this mascara has shine polymers and what you get is intense, jet-black shine and beautiful lift that stays put.  At days end, the makeup remover isn’t necessary as it comes off when I wash my face with cleanser.  All my boxes checked!



ICONOCLAST has a really unique moulded brush.  For me, this makes a big difference in how well I can get to the tiniest of lashes and make them look like lashes. Butter LONDON says about its brush… “Get 300% increase in volume with just one coat for high-impact lashes with mega-watt shine. Double feature moulded mascara brush boosts lashes with extreme definition as it lengthens, volumizes, and separates”.  In my experience, this has been bang on!

Wishing you great, cruelty-free lashes!