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My Go To Cruelty-Free Fragrance

When I discovered that my favourite fragrance was not from a cruelty-free company I was rather upset. You see, it is a UK based company, so I figured that it was safe. Wrong.  I’m assuming that the company made the animal-testing list because of its Chinese market….sigh.

So I did what I do……I went on the hunt for the best Cruelty-Free Fragrance, and I found a fantastic company!  It’s called DefineMe Fragrance

DefineMe Fragrance

Seriously, this all smells so good I can’t decide which one I like best! DefineMe makes their formulations are with fresh ingredients like coconut oil, organic sugar cane alcohol, and chamomile extract. Another bonus is that you can layer the fragrances in any combination you wish to personalize your scent.

Take The Quiz

Here is where you get started deciding on the perfect scent for you. It may seem like a different way to pick a scent, but this brand is about embracing who you are and empowering women through personal preferences in lifestyle. It’s a fun quiz, give it a go!

What’s your pleasure?

Do you like Fragrance Mist, Fragrance Oil or Hair Fragrance Mists? I couldn’t decide what I wanted so I got each one. They also have some super cute oil samples that I ordered to see what the other scents were. All forms provide just the right intensity, you know what I mean, yup I smell good, but I’m not going to blow anyone away when they smell me before I walk in the room.

All the products have cute packaging that would be wonderful as gifts as well. I’m thinking birthday gifts or bridesmaid gifts!

Sofia Isabel Hair Fragrance MistHair Fragrance Mist
  Fragrance Mist
  Fragrance Mist on the Go

   Fragrance Oil

What’s your scent?

Check this out. DefineMe has named all the scents after girls, and each girl is for a personality type. Here are the “notes” you’ll find in each one……

  • Audry… jasmine, peony, rose + sandalwood. (Empowered by love + believes it is always the answer)
  • Clara… lilac, violet, hibiscus, lily + light musk. (Lives life with gratitude + grace)
  • Delphine… lilac, freesia, ylang-ylang, coconut + rosewood. (Is an artistic, creative soul who radiates an effortless elegance)
  • Harper… grapefruit, bergamot, honeysuckle + amber. (Walks through life fearlessly blazing her own path)
  • Payton… orange blossom, mimosa, clove buds + musk. (Exemplifies strength + passion by living her dreams to the fullest)
  • Sofia Isabel… mandarin, black currant, jasmine + sugar. (Is a free spirit who embraces life with confidence)

TIP****If you’re like me and want to change from what you have (that isn’t cruelty-free) to this, you can check the notes on your old brand and find similar ones here.

Don’t forget that these are all oil-based, so a little goes a long way and lasts a long time!

Can’t decide?

I feel you. Go for the Sample Kit of Oils. The little roller balls make applying and blending easy, they’re perfect for travel, and it’s an inexpensive way to try them all out. A sample kit is also an excellent little gift box for a friend.

Happy Experimenting!

 Shop All DefineMe Fragrance Products Click Here 

Make sure you check the Monthly Specials page for any applicable codes, sales or discounts!


Skylar Natural Perfume  

My next find for cruelty-free fragrance is Skylar.  Not only do they have perfume in rollies and sprays, but they also have a full line of candles in their signature scents!

Cat started with the Honest Company where she became aware of everything she used on her body.  Her search for a fragrance that was free of allergens led her to develop the Skylar line of fragrance.

All the products are made in the U.S., sustainably sourced, cruelty-free (of course or they wouldn’t be here) and vegan.  Skylar gives back by contributing a portion of proceeds to Step Up, a not for profit that provides mentorship to underprivileged high school girls across the U.S. Love that!

Eau de Toilettes are formulated with real fruits, flowers, and botanicals and come in 6 gorgeous fragrance options.

Home fragrance candles are paraffin-free and made with renewable soy and coconut wax.

Take Their Quiz

This is set up to be answered for yourself or for a friend.  You pick words to describe the personality, hobbies and how you want to feel when you wear fragrance.  Put in your email and BAM they send you a profile of suggested scent.

What’s Your Scent?

Arrow – Spicy, warm, and seductive
Capri – Sparkling, zesty, and sweet
Coral – Fruity, floral, and flirty
Isle – Clean, dewy, and fresh
Meadow – Floral, elegant, and beautiful
Willow – Woodsy, lush, and cool

What’s Your Pleasure?

Whether you like travel rollerballs, eau de toilette or candles for the home Skylar has you covered.  The packaging is clean, simple and sophisticated and the scents range from spicy to sweet to fresh.


Rollerball collection




Rollerballs can be purchased individually, as a duo, paired with an Eau de Toilette or, during the holidays as a 6 pack of Rollies.




Eau do Toilette perfume spray



Purchase individually, as a duo pack, with a Rollie or a candle, or the full Scent Collection






Candle Collection

Purchase Individually, as a duo. with a spray or in a set of 4.


Gift cards make it easy to get it right!

Purchase alone or in the Scent Experience

Can’t Decide?

Yes, Skylar has samples!

  The Sample Palette is the perfect way to try ALL 6 of our scents, before committing to a full-sized bottle. Discover your signature scent or layer multiple scents to match your mood. Our 6 mini-sized eau de toilette sprays are perfect for travel or tucking into your purse for a refresher anytime, anywhere.

***TIP****  A Skylar “Scent Experience” combines the sample pack with a $50 gift card so that lucky person in your life can decide and buy!

  It’s not Sample Sized but it’s a great value and another way to live with a scent to give it a good try.  I love a good scented candle and these will freshen up your home while being paraffin-free and made with renewable soy and coconut wax.  The wicks are non-lead as well…oh yes!

Shop All Skylar Products Click Here

Make sure you check the Monthly Specials page for any applicable codes, sales or discounts!


I hope you like these scents as much as I do.  They make fantastic gifts or besties or housewarming as there is something for everyone!