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There are a lot of Cruelty-Free Hair Care companies out there now which is fantastic!  It makes my job a bit harder narrowing down the choices but based on reviews the list is below.

When researching this section, I also found out that there are many commonly used products in shampoo which the FDA should be keeping away from consumers, but they don’t.  These are parabens, Sodium laureth sulphate (SLS)/Sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), Formaldehyde, Propylene Glycol and Coal Tar. If you’d like further information on these ingredients leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to answer your question.  My focus is that the products are cruelty-free and I want to stay on point with that.



The newest addition to our recommended line up of hair care product.  Amplixin is specially formulated for women and men who are concerned about thinning hair.  The testimonials are great and they offer a limited 60 day satisfaction guarantee.  Check out the blog post introducing them or head directly to their site for more information!


Safe and Chic  

I love this site, and I love their hair products!

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Innersense Hair Care

Shop Innersense at Safe and Chic

With ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, avocado and tamanu seed oil this will cleans, hydrate and strengthen.  A healthy scalp from ylang-ylang and sage essential oils. She and bounce from jojoba and rice bran oils.  Gluten free options.

Also find conditioners (rinse out and leave in), hydrating hair masque, healing oil and styling aids.

A safe and Chic Bestseller!

5* Reviews:

Give it a try! I almost returned this product because I didn?t know how to use it. After you pour into your palm you must add a little water and rub your hands together to get a good lather before massaging into your scalp. After I figured that out it?s been amazing. This hair bath combined with the conditioner makes my hair silky soft a d shiny and gives it volume as well. The scent is almost non-existent which is a plus for me.

Yarok hair care

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One of the few companies that can say every product meets 100% of Vegan requirements, free of alcohol, paraben, and sulfates.  Responsible sourced and harvested and primarily organic ingredients.  Tested on real clients in New York before going to market the components are beautiful and vary from product to product.

Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling products and one of the best looking dry shampoos I’ve ever seen!

5* Reviews

Great Products! I?ve been using Yarok products for about a year and love them! I just started ordering all my organic products from Safe and Chic and have found their customer service to be awesome and love the sales they offer. Thank you Safe and Chic and Yarok!

Rahua Hair Care

Shop Rahua Hair Care at Safe and Chic

Rahua oil is the star of this show.  Grown and sourced in the Amazon Rainforest, the company dedicates itself to preserving and sustaining the Amazon Rainforest by working with indigenous tribes.  Rahua products are vegan, non-toxic, free of parabens, sulfates and are gluten-free.

Rahua offers up a full line of hair products and has convenient travel sizes as well.  The color-preserving shampoo looks fabulous to me with its flaxseed oils as well as gardenia and lavender scent.

5* Review…..

The BEST! I’ve used 2x per week for two weeks now and I’ve noticed the biggest difference. Not only have I noticed, but two of my best friends thought that I had gotten my hair highlighted (they see me several times a week!). It works sooooo well with my hair that is exposed to hard water every day! It’s brightened it up so much and gotten rid of the brassy look! BUY THIS!


Shop EVOLVh Hair Care at Safe and Chic

Shop EVOLVh at Fig and Flower

Curly Hair?  This hair care is for you!  They have a specialty line up for dealing with your curly tresses.  It’s called Smartcurl, and it appears to have everything you will need to keep your curls beautiful and frizz free.  Having bone straight hair, myself, I appreciate they have moisture shampoo that’s good for color treated hair as well as repair and styling aids.  This is not a huge line of products, they’ve kept it pretty specialized.  I love the look of their travel bundles.  A little something for everyone at good price points!

All EVOLVh products use 90% or better organic ingredients.  Amino acids and fatty acids help nourish and repair hair.  Everything is vegan and sulphate, paraben and sodium chloride free.  Some are gluten free.

5* Reviews….

This balm is amazing! This stuff is amazing. I was blown away. My hair is severely damaged from bleaching and nothing was working. No matter how much I tried to condition my hair it always looked dry and felt brittle. I haven?t tried it on wet hair yet but let me tell you that when I put some on my dry hair it transformed into beautiful soft hair. The brittleness was gone, and my hair looked healthy again. I couldn?t believe it. And u don?t need a lot. And even if you use a lot your hair doesn?t get oily or feel heavy with product. Just soft and beautiful. Don?t know how they did it with just a few ingredients and no silicone. Will always buy this.

Jordan Seban

Shop Jordan Seban Hair Care at Safe and Chic

Three products that’s it.  A hair balm, hair and skin oil and a moisture masque.  All have great reviews, I really like the sound of the oil as it can be used on hair AND body!

L’Huile is a blend of seven organic oils combined in ratios to give maximum benefit to the hair and skin.  This is a pure blend free of chemicals, sulfates, parabens or silicon.  It is also vegan and gluten free.  Use it as a pre-shampoo treatment, hair protector or a serum for shine and hydration.  For your skin,  a few drops on it’s own or added to your moisturizer for extra nourishment.

A Safe and Chic Bestseller!

5* Reviews

Amazing! Love this oil! My hair is very dry and use it once a week on my hair as a mask, makes it so shiny and manageable. On my body it penetrates nicely and smell is subtle which I prefer!


Fig and Flower 


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100% Pure

Shop 100% Pure at Fig and Flower

No petrochemicals, no parabens and no silicon beads. Only natural shampoo and conditioner. Free of all toxins like formaldehyde. No artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals, toxic preservatives or any other unsafe ingredients. PURE, natural hair care selections. Made with the highest quality nutrients to naturally bring your hair to life.  Vegan and Gluten Free!

This product line hasn’t been reviewed on Fig and Flower yet but everywhere else the reviews are 5*.  There is a product for every hair type and it’s colour safe!  I love the sound of the Glossing Shampoo as my hair can get a little frizzy on the ends, plus I haven’t seen another product like it.  Here’s a typical review….

5* Review

Very soft shiny hair.  I have decided to let my gray hair grow out. I wanted to find a shampoo that would be gently on my hair and keep it healthy. I have tried many shampoos by other brands but right now this Glossing Shampoo is my favorite. It suds up very well, my hair feels clean but not dry and the scent is wonderful. My whole bathroom smells good after my shower. I combine this with the Glossing Conditioner. Works very well on my shoulder length dyed blonde/growing out gray hair.


Shop ACURE at Fig and Flower

All of their products are free of Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Synthetic Fragrance and Artificial colours.  This product has a super price point and while not reviewed on Fig and Flower yet has some super 5* reviews.  With natural scents from pear, fig, lemongrass, pumpkin, peppermint and coconut it’s not a wonder people love the smell.  It also has a dry shampoo for brunettes…WHAT?!?!  No more white powder on dark hair, love it.  Formulas for body, volume, moisture, smoothing  and clarifying.


Shop Briogeo at Fig and Flower

This company does hair care and only hair care.  Briogeo is 6-free hair care; meaning formulas are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, DEA and synthetic color. All products are 90 to 100 percent naturally derived and packaged in bottles that are both recycled and recyclable. Briogeo formulas are cruelty-free and mostly vegan and gluten free also. What I love is that Briogeo has texture-specific products to offer something for everyone ? from repair, to volume, to curl care.  It is a simplified two, three or four step regimen to take the guesswork out of mixing and matching products to find a custom routine to volumize, repair, defrizz or nurture.  I love the kits they have, it’s an easy way to start the program at a good price point.  You can also get the travel size kit to take along with you.

The Deep Conditioning Mask is an ALLURE top pick and Oprah magazine picks the Gel to Oil Overnight Repair Treatment.

Captain Blankenship

Shop Captain Blankenship at Fig and Flower

Just in time for summer!  Looking for beachy waves, this is one you should try.  The ingredient list couldn’t be simpler and cleaner….Water, Atlantic Sea Salt, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Sea Kelp Extract, Organic Geranium Essential Oil & Organic Palmarosa Essential Oil.  The Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray is designed to texturize and moisturize hair spray that will help add waves and life to your hair, giving it that just left the beach look and smell.  To kick it up a notch they added mica to create their Golden Waves Sea Salt Spray, this one is a Bazaar Beauty 150 Award winner.

Camomile Beauty

Okay you Canadians looking for some cruelty-free and duty-free love, Camomile Beauty is the place.  With over 60 haircare products available in one place.  This site also has a wonderful filtering system so that it’s easy to narrow down your choices.  I have an example in this blog post.

Amazon Canada

Last but certainly NOT least is Amazon and it’s massive Cruelty-free hair care list of products.  Read my blog post about all that is available to the Canadian Consumer.


Wishing you great hair,