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Comings and Goings

What's going?

I’m making some changes!.  The one constant being that this will remain a hub for cruelty-free products.  Cruelty-free is and alway will be the mission of this site.

The first change you will notice is that I’m removing the individual product listings.  Why you ask?  As time has gone on, I find myself not having the time to keep up with pricing changes, colour changes, discontinued products and new individual products.  This is a rather painful move to make as it took hours upon hours to pick the individual products and get them input into the site.  On the other hand, if I can’t keep up to date with every single product change, I would rather scrap it than have out of date information.

The next change you will notice is product line and links may have changed.  This could be for a number of reasons.  I’m no long an affiliate with Amazon so, I may like the product and will keep it mentioned here but there will not be an Amazon link that you an directly click through to.  Next there are a few companies that have discontinued their affiliate programs and have requested that links be removed.  Again, if I like the product I will keep reviews etc. but you will need to leave my site to visit theirs.  Just following the rules.  Finally, there are some companies that have just plain gone or are going out of business.  It’s sad but true so they will be removed even if they are in the process of closing the doors.

A New Addition

As many shoppers of cruelty-free are also vegan and very health concious, I’ve decided to add an exciting product to this site.  It is not cosmetics or skin care, it is preventative, holistic health care.

Taking care of ourselves from the inside out is ultimately the best thing we can do for ourselves and that, in and of itself is beauty!

Being able to offer vegan, non-GMO, gluten free and no artificial fillers nutritional supplements just makes me happy.  I’ve been on this myself for 8 months and I’ve carefully watched the testimonials so I recommend it whole heartedly. I ask you, if you could look into your DNA/cellular health to look, feel and perform better, would you be interested?

Change is progress

Sharing cruelty-free awareness and products has been my passion project but as you’ll notice from my lack of posts since December, I have been side tracked.  I’m not one to let grass grow under my feet and as a bit of a science geek, when I found something that was potentially life altering for people I needed to take the time to get to know it.  The result is a second blog on health and wellness and hopefully you’ll check it out.

I hope you find the changes appealing.  I believe with growth comes change and as a one woman show it means tweaking and more tweaking.  I’d love to hear about new products and services in line with my cruelty-free mission, so if you have some you’d like me to look at please drop me a note.