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Have you met Afterglow yet? Let me introduce you.

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Afterglow Vegan Makeup

Afterglow is a Cruelty-Free U.S. company started in 2004 by the adorable Kristin Adams. Having an eye for colour as a Fine Arts graduate and family sensitivity to food, cosmetic products and perfume led Kristin on the cosmetic path from Art Galleries to cosmetics. Kristin works with chemists that use their combined creativities to develop products that leave out potential irritants, petrochemicals, and Parabens and Bismuth oxychloride.   Afterglow prides itself on what is in the products to create a beautiful colour palette with high efficacy and is very proud of what they?re able to leave out of their products.

As such Afterglow is all clean ingredients for their Entire products line. Their product line is very suitable for you sensitive skin girls! Afterglow is also Leaping Bunny and PETA Approved Cruelty-Free.

Afterglow is makeup only; there is no skincare line.

Where to start is easy with Afterglow

Just click the ?New? Start Here!? And you?re all set up to pick your skin tone or to consult a beauty advisor. You?ve got your skin tone, and now you?re given different palettes to choose from for Foundations, Concealers, and Blushes. This tool is seriously the best thing ever for me! I usually have the hardest time finding the right colour online, and this focuses me right where I need to be. Simple!

Now the rest of your makeup

If you?re looking for avant-guard or wild and bold colour palettes, Afterglow will not be your jam. They have a very natural colour palettes that are very pretty, subtle and buildable

Sensitive eye makeup bannerEyes: Eye Shadows come in a Best Seller Palette, which I love, or sold as separate refills and a magnetic palette to put them in. You get Makeup artist tricks, product suggestions and ?how to use tips.? The transparent ingredients list is in big (not fine) print, and you can email them any ingredient concerns you may have.

: Afterglow has one mascara (black and black brown) and one eyeliner (black and brown) which to me means they are putting all their energy into quality products and are not worried about quantity when more than one choice isn?t needed. You get all the same information as with the eyeshadows as well.


Lips: Afterglow has narrowed their focus to one Lipstick in two colours (Red and Pink). I think one of the colours will work for anyone. You will find the same quality and same tips, hints and ingredient disclosure.

Makeup brushes and tools

The makeup brushes are Vegan and made with artist-quality Taklon Fiber. The entire toolkit is on sale for $69 down from $176, so it?s a whopper of a deal right now!

Gift Sets and Specials

I?ve got to tell you when Afterglow puts products on sale they don?t mess around; some kits are more than 50% off. I?m thinking Christmas gifts?but I digress.

Afterglow Blog

It covers everything from ?Kristin?s Saturday? to clear skin tips and makeup tutorials. It?s good stuff, and I enjoy reading and watching it!

The takeaway

It doesn?t get much easier picking your shades and knowing that the company has put a ton of care into their ingredients. I love the more natural look of this makeup line; it?s just beautiful and effective. Makeup, especially day-to-day wear shouldn?t be complicated, and this isn?t. Amp it up a bit at the end of the day for more of a wow factor if you?re heading out for dinner, cocktails or clubbing. Have fun with this site; there?s a lot to learn from Kristin.

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