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Have you met Au Naturale yet?  Let me introduce you.

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Au Naturale

In 2011, Ashley Prange started her e-commerce business called Au Naturale Cosmetics. Credited with starting a Clean Beauty Revolution (sad their t-shirts are sold out) worldwide. Ashley went from being a nuclear analyst in D.C. to creating products with high standards and a commitment to no animal bi-products, synthetics, Parabens or anything potentially harmful to the consumer. The #CleanBeautyRevolution is Au Natural and Ashley?s forum to lobby the government for laws to keep harmful ingredients out of American Cosmetic products. In the EU 1,300+ are banned but in the US only 10, which is shocking. You can sign up to join the grassroots movement where you?ll be kept informed of the latest happenings!

Au Naturale is an “all in” kind of company using ingredients that are better for you and packaging that?s better for the environment! Use of plastics and the impact on our oceans and sea life is a very big deal for Au Naturale; hence the packaging components are primarily aluminum with boxes 100% post-consumer waste. Plastics are avoided whenever possible.

Au Naturale is makeup only; there is no skincare line.

New to Au Naturale and The Clean Beauty Revolution? Here?s where to start

Head to the Kits section of SHOP where you?ll find Powder and Cr?me Starter Kits. This is awesome, pick your complexion and they will curate your kit to bring out your skins natural beauty. You get what you need in order to try the colours with a small $ commitment. Each kit is $25 and you get a $10 off coupon for your next order which is a great deal. These are perfect little travel sizes as well!

Join the Clean Beauty Revolution

Starter Kit

Powder Starter Kit contains three Semi-Matte Powder Foundations so you can select the perfect match, Pure Powder Blush and Pure Powder Bronzer topped off with a Pore Minimizing Finishing Powder

Cr?me Starter Kits contains three Zero Gravity C2P Foundations so you can select your perfect match, Anywhere Cr?me Blush, Luminous Cr?me Bronzer Sticks and a Pore Minimizing Finishing Powder.

Once you?ve decided what you like for your colour for foundation/powder or blush, take that $10 gift and head back to round out what you need.

Can?t decide what colour of Su/Stain lip collection to try? Au Naturale has bundled collections of ?Bold? and ?Neutral? that are gorgeous and a good deal!

What is super pretty and popular right now is the Summer 2018, Summer Collection Trios. Two colour palettes, Dawn and Dusk. It?s just back in stock and contains an Anywhere Cr?me Multistick, a High Lustre Lip Glass and a Pure Powder Highlighter. It?s on sale for $58 down from $86.

Eye Collection

Au Naturale has a wide range of colour options to choose from and I really like the #getthelook section. The collection of eyeshadows comes in Super Fine Powder Eye Shadow, a shimmery shadow of luminescent and pearlescent undertones (25 colours) with a roller ball applicator. Beautiful! Cr?me De La Cr?me Eye Shadow (15 colours) has a lipstick type of applicator and ranges to matte to pearl to shimmer.

One eye pencil in 10 colours and a new Brow Boss pencil in 5 colours.

Au Naturale does not make mascara


Au Naturale banner


Au Naturale loves lip makeup and they?ve got some beauties to pick from. Eternity Lipstick in 10 Shades, High Luster Lip Glass in 10 colours, Su/Stain in 10 colours and the Perfect Match Lip Pencil in 10 colours. You need to hop over to have a look at the selections!

Don?t forget, the Su/Stain collections to save you some $!


Makeup Brushes

The Au Naturale makeup brushes have got to be among the softest, fluffiest of the cruelty-free brushes on the market! I had to double check they are cruelty-free and vegan, Yup, they?re popular, the big set of 10 brushes is sold out at the moment but brushes are still sold individually.


The only thing missing for Au Naturale is a Sale Page for special offers. It?s unfortunate they don?t have it because they put on some valuable offers that one might miss if they were just casually having a look for something specific. Personally, I love a Sale and Special Offers section!!!!

Au Naturale Blog

Collaboration between Ashley and her Au Naturale staff, this Clean Beauty Revolution blog is full of interesting reads. The Dirty Detes deals with sustainability practices here and around the world and is very worthwhile reading. Ashley also keeps the blog up to date with her government lobbying for the Personal Care Product Safety Act (PCPSA), again, super interesting!

The Takeaway

You will not find a company more passionate about what goes onto our skin than Au Naturale. I applaud the effort of Ashley and her team in #thecleanbeautyrevolution. Change doesn?t come easily but it happens with perseverance and I believe they will get there! Ashley and the Au Naturale team have developed a makeup line that appeals to both conservative and flashy makeup wearers. The quality is top notch and I feel like their passion is put into everything they make and do.

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