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Are you on the hunt for some of the best Natural Skin Care that is cruelty-free?  I’ll be honest; I’m pretty skeptical about the use of “Natural” in skin care and cosmetics so some homework is needed before I’ll go along with it.  Too often it is just a marketing pitch as the government labeling rules are lax. Labeling becomes a bit of a problem when my friends would ask me if something is “natural” and I’d have to tell them 99% of the time the word means NOTHING.  I know there is something for everyone out there in my cruelty-free world, so I was determined to find these ladies some great skin care that is, in fact, all “natural” ingredients.  My definition of “natural” is that it’s derived from nature not in a lab.  It’s plant-based, although it may have gone through some transformation in the lab to make the ingredients usable.  Generally speaking, if I can identify all of the plant-based ingredients and it does not contain toxic or synthetic ingredients, I will classify it as natural skin care.  If it has amazing reviews and lots of them, I’ll consider it to be great natural skincare and I’m happy to send my “natural” friends in that direction.  Read on for what I recommend they try.  If you have any experience with these lines, I’d love to hear from you.

As with all products I recommend you check ingredients listed for allergies.


Ecco Bella

This line is to me, a bit of a hybrid between dermatologist brands and the pure naturals.  They call it Nutraceuticals.

What are nutraceuticals?  Some of the most effective anti-aging ingredients in nature are from intensely pigmented fruits and vegetables. Lutein from marigolds, beta carotene from carrots, astaxanthin from sea algae and lycopene from tomatoes. These, along with vitamin C, super vitamin E with both tocopherols and tocotrienols plus CoQ10, are the top seven nutrients known to benefit the skin. They are in every Ecco Bella Doctor-Approved Skin Care with VitaminCells product.

All of these products have 5 * reviews.  They do have sales so come back often and see what they’ve got.  Visit their site and have a look at these fantastic products.  Shop Ecco Bella 


See all Ecco Bella products as everything is sold individually as well if you don’t want the entire regimen.




100% Pure

I quite like this company because I feel like they are all in, not only being cruelty-free, vegan and non-toxic, they are also using Organic ingredients.  Their packaging plastics are BPA and Phthalate free, and all other packaging uses recycled materials. They also only use non-toxic soy-based inks.

I love this graphic on how 100% Pure extracts ingredients from the source plants.  Sorry, I’m a science geek.

Water is commonly used as the first (majority) ingredient in most skin, hair, and body products. Instead of water, 100% PURE uses beneficial organic floral hydrosols, organic aloe juice, organic fermented rice water (sake) and organic teas. It’s also common to use thickeners to expand/add volume to economize formulas, but 100% PURE? formulas are never diluted with cheap fillers. Every ingredient in each 100% PURE? formula is there for a benefit.  No water, no fillers and no thickeners EVER!

Here is the link to the 100% Pure website. Shop 100% Pure

Wow…just WOW! 10 different masks to pick.  How to choose?  Check out their Guide to Hydrogel Sheet Masks.  Here are a few of what you’ll find

Prices range from $7-$30 depending if you buy individually or in a package


100% Pure has an extensive line of skin care products.  They have a list of their bestsellers that have tons of reviews so I’m going to focus on telling you about those specifically.  You can check The entire 100% Pure Skin Care line for more.

Real Purity

Real Purity uses plant-derived and quality botanical ingredients in their skincare and makeup lines.  Everything they make is free of toxins, paragons, and sulfates so even you sensitive skin folks should have no problems.

What I think is great is they sell sample sizes of almost all their skin care so you can try out everything at a next to nothing price.  Take advantage of the free monthly samples.  Here I have some of the sample sizes they offer; I think it’s a great way to get started.  For the full line up of Real Purity products click here and you can browse around.

Just a small sample of their samples.  There are even makeup, toothpaste and deodorant samples, perfect for travel! Have a look at all Real Purity has to offer.

Leave me a comment if you like any of these brands or if there’s a product that you LOVE and I don’t have it here.