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Your Guide To Cruelty-Free Shopping


What Are You Currently Using?

Looking to be more conscious of how the products you use were developed?  Wondering if your make up and cosmetics are cruelty-free?  What about your skincare?  Scroll down to see the fabulousness of the cruelty-free companies I’ve chosen.  If you’re wondering if the products you use are on the NOT cruelty-free list,  click here.


Looking for cruelty-free alternatives?

There are innovative, fun and leading-edge companies that know there is a better way than animal testing to develop and create beautiful products.  I’ve added some products that are not skin-care or cosmetics but I think they’re pretty terrific products that women will like as much as I do.  There may be companies you’ve never heard of before but I encourage you to have a look and a browse around their sites.  I’ve found them to be very impressive in their quality of product and commitment to ethical product development.  I hope you do too! 

Affiliate Disclosure: I am not paid to endorse any of the products you see here.  I?m happy to provide this service free of charge.  When you click to link to another site and purchase from them I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you the consumer.



Camomile Beauty


Shop Camomile Beauty

A Montreal based company, founded by a group of women who, like me couldn’t stand the idea of animal testing.  This site carries a variety of brands that satisfy their ethical guideline.  Honestly, I’m not familiar with many of them but don’t let that stop you.  For me, I like that they carry hair care products that are worth giving a try!  To learn more about Camomile Beauty click here for my review



100% Pure

 Shop 100% Pure

Cosmetics, skin care, hair, and body.  I quite like this company because I feel like they are all in, not only being cruelty-free, vegan and non-toxic, they are also using Organic ingredients.  Their packaging plastics are BPA and Phthalate free and all are made from recycled materials. They also only use non-toxic soy-based inks.


Love Goodly

Shop Love Goodly

Live a Cruelty-Free & Toxin Free Lifestyle

I am really excited to be able to promote this company!  Founders Katie and Justine are adorable and wanted to create a company that exposed buyers to the benefits of cruelty-free, organic, non-GMO, eco-friendly and vegan. With each purchase, they give back to a cause!

Guess what?!?!?!  The have Cruelty-Free Subscription and Trial boxes!  WHOO!!!!  You’ve seen the other ones on social media being gleefully opened by celebs but these are different because they only include products that meet the above criteria. If you’re new to subscription or trial boxes, our box contains 4-5 mostly full-size products, including beauty and skincare, a style or home accessory, and healthy snacks and wellness items. Along with the delight and surprise of receiving your box, you get introduced to great new brands.

$95+ VALUE FOR ONLY $29.95 USD

They have so many wonderful products that I’ll highlight on the separate pages so check back often!  I’m off to order my new box!



   Shop Gabriel Cosmetics

Three lines to choose from so there is something good for you and your kiddies!  All of their products are Cruelty-Free, Gluten Free and Vegan.  The company is very proud of their 100% Natural Ingredients which means no synthetic chemicals or parabens.

The Gabriel line is curated so that even a beauty novice can use it successfully. Each goes with the other in a wardrobe of soft muted tones to bring out the natural beauty. Gabriel has always said, ?It?s about correcting, not covering up,? it?s his Secret to Mistake Proof Beauty.

The Zuzu Luxe line is designed for a younger demographic offering bright, bold colours while keeping it cruelty and gluten-free and vegan.

Clean Kids speaks for itself.  Healthy alternatives for bathing and care of your little ones’ skin.

There is adult Seaweed based skin care that sounds very interesting.

You’ll love this too.  Nail polishes that are 10 Free.  Do you know what that means?  It means it’s free of formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, parabens, fragrances, phthalates and animal ingredients.   So if your little princess begs to put on nail polish you don’t have to worry about all the toxic garbage that’s in most nail polishes today.  I give that a WOOP!

The products really are beautiful and here’s what I LOVE…The Personal Colour Guide.  This gives every combination of hair colour, skin tone, and eye colour and gives you the recommendations for products and colours and how to use them.  Is that awesome or what?  Never wonder if you’re picking the right colour for your skin tone again, it’s all done for you…..love it.




Shop butterLONDON

What began with Nail Care and cult-like following has evolved into a full cosmetics line.  As US company inspired by London and all its glory and cheeky wit. This line is bold and uncompromising in detail.  If you’re looking for premium nail care without the harsh and nasty chemical side effects and bold colour in your make up this is worth trying.  I’m betting you’ll be back for more.

Click here for the review of my favourite butterLondon mascara.

Click here for a review of the nail polish line.  Since writing that original post they’ve come out with even more to choose from like their peelable glitter polish…so fabulous!  I recently tried their nail moisturizer polish and let me tell you if dry brittle nails haunt you, this stuff is a game changer!


Ecco Bella


Shop Ecco Bella

“Where Science is in Awe of Nature”.  EB was founded in 1992 and uses flower cutins in the Flower Colour Makeup.  What are flower cutins?  It is the coating that protects flowers from the elements. The makeup stays fresh for longer by keeping moisture away.  They also have some cool features like little mini mirrors on their mascara and lip gloss as well as compact refills for eyeshadow and blush which is a money and waste saver.  EB has a Rewards Program to earn points from purchases, referrals, birthday rewards and social media activity.


Clove and Hallow


Shop Clove + Hallow

Made in the USA following strict EU standards this company has been recommended by O Magazine, People Style, Women’s Health, Hollywood Reporter, Canadian Living, Pop Sugar, In Style and more!  Recommended by Hollywood makeup artist Melanie Inglessis who loves the pigment and creamy feel.  Also that they are made with 15 or fewer safe ingredients.  formulated by a professional make up artist this line is for the 5 minutes to get ready or the glamour girl, there is something for everyone!


Cover Fx


Shop cover FX

All things foundation and colour correction!  40 shades to choose from with primers, concealer, highlighters, bronzers and powders to customize your own look.  Find your colour once and all products can be matched up.  Bonus, every order receives 3 free samples….woo hoo!


Au Naturale Cosmetics


Shop Au Naturale Cosmetics

Click here to read my review of Au Naturale

Developed by a Nuclear Analyst that was forced to go au-natural in order to clear up her skin issues.  You following where that name comes from?  Determined to have makeup that left her skin just as healthy as it was naked she developed the Au Natural line.  She accomplished her goal of having a healthy and ethically sourced product to replace everything and anything she has been using.  I love the look of the Anywhere Creme Multistick, it has rave reviews and I’ll be putting this on my next order!




Fig and Flower Natural Beauty


Shop Fig and Flower

Atlanta’s first all-natural beauty store….if you read my blog you’ll know how I feel about the term “Natural”, however, F and F focuses on non-toxic ingredients based on the Skin Deep Environmental Working Group which is significant so I give them a pass.  F and F market a wide range of makeup brands but I love the line of Hair Care products that are really worth trying.

Click here for the hair care from Fig and Flower that everyone loves!



Safe and Chic Cosmetics

Shop Safe & Chic Cosmetics

This is a site that offers a variety of brands and products that are non-toxic, environmentally safe and cruelty-free.  I love that they carry hair products as these can be tough to find!  It might take you a while to scroll around as there are lots of products to choose from but it’s worth a look to see if there’s something you want. Personally, the hair care products drew me in!  Read more about their fantastic hair products here.


Mommy Makeup


Shop Mommy Makeup

Developed by award-winning make-up artist Debra Rubin-Roberts.  This brand caters to the busy woman on-the-go and is focused around 6 multi-tasking products for a 5-minute routine that will leave you looking polished and put together.  Debra has put her 20+ years in the industry to good use in developing her products.  Mommy makeup has been featured in The Daily News, Avenue Magazine, and Manhattan Bride.  There is a palette for all ethnicities and everyone can fit 5 minutes into their routine so this is a great line worth checking out


Luscious Cosmetics


Shop Luscious Cosmetics

If you live in a hot humid climate this brand is for you as they formulated it specifically to deal with the challenge.  Subtle or dramatic this line covers the full make-up spectrum and offers up some fantastic value sets and kits.  Luscious prides itself on affordable quality and I love the “Shop the Look” section that covers different skin tones and looks from natural to dramatic.


Winky Lux


Shop Winky Lux

Find your lip colour match based on your horoscope?  Not sure mine is a good match but maybe yours will be perfect.  They do have some really great stuff that I haven’t seen out there.  A couple of examples are a lip stain that goes on clear then reacts with your skin pH to create the perfect pink for your skin tone…..amazing!  Plus they have a Matcha green tea and vanilla lip balm that is super hydrating and soothing….yum.  This is a fun line with cool packaging (think gift giving), luxurious ingredients and has been written about in Allure, Pop Sugar, HuffPost and more.  Click here to read more about this company its founder.


 Rodan and Fields


Read my blog on why I use it!  Click here.

Euromonitor, the world’s most comprehensive research company for consumer products has again awarded R and F the #1 Skin Care Brand in N. America.

Shop Rodan and Fields Canada*

Shop In the US. (Consultant Sydney Macleod)*

Shop In Australia (Consultant Sydney Macleod)*

*Available only by Consultant


I’d love to hear your comments on any of the products I’ve got listed here or let me know if there’s something I should add.  I will be gradually adding products and companies in so check back and see what’s new!

Happy Cruelty-free Shopping!

Best, Sydney