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Dermatologist Recommended Skin Care Regimens

No MLM tactics here….I just like the stuff

Are you an Estee Lauder, Clinique or Lancome user and fan?  Check the animal testing companies list….they’re on it.  The good news is that the premium lines for these companies are the market comparable products for R and F. If you’re worried about getting sucked into an MLM scheme you don’t need to, this is really easy for ordering, postponing your orders and getting only what you want when you want.

Do you drink the R and F Kool-Aid?  I’ve been asked that a few times and believe me, it’s ok, I get it.  Listen, I know that many Consultants are super gung ho and will accost anyone they talk to in the grocery line.  That’s NOT me.  I’m not comfortable bugging my friends or family and forget about perfect strangers, it all just feels icky to me.  I decided to be a Consultant because I had good results, I could get a lower price on product and when my friends ASKED me what I was doing I could give them an opportunity to try it.  It turns out they are all happy with it and I’m involved as much or as little as they want.  Period.  This is a no pester zone people!!!!

At 54, I hadn’t taken skin care too seriously for too long and my skin was paying the price. After ruling out the major skin care brands due to animal testing I went on the hunt. A bunch of product disappointments and a bunch of wasted money later, I finally decided to listen to a friend and give R and F a try. I got results plain and simple. This is the real deal, you get what you pay for, real results.

About The Regimens

Regardless of whether you are in your 20s or 60s and beyond you should have the expectation that the skin care you use will actually work. You may want to preserve the health of your skin or address dullness, wrinkles, acne or sensitivity. This a Dermatologist Cruelty Free Skin Care Brand that will address each concern with its own step by step Dermatologist developed Regimens. It’s theory is Multi-Med Therapy* and it’s the crucial component of skin care for results. Despite what you may see advertised, one cream cannot do it all! The Regimens below are developed by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, known by many as the Pro-Active dermatologists.


The two Doctors took the common concerns they see in their practice and made the treatment accessible to everyone. All of their products are guaranteed with a 60-day empty bottle money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied and come with support via consultants.  Check out the Before and After photos below!

Multi-Med Therapy* is the right ingredients, the right formulation at the right order.  The formulations combine cosmetic and OTC ingredients for the best results.  Hydroxy Acids, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C with Retinol, Retinal encapsulated in calcium to control release and prevent irritation, Peptides and proprietary PFp3 Peptide technology, proprietary 3D3P Molecular matrix of glycerin cross linked with Hyaluronic Acid and phytonutrients are used in combinations throughout the product line for best results.


Free Solution Tool

Try the free dermatologist Solution Tool to see which Regimen is the best for you. Available online through a consultant, of which I am one. In Canada, smacleod2.myrandf.com/ca. In the US, rodanandfields.com. In Australia, rodanandfields.com.au. Consultant name is required…. Sydney Macleod. Check it out if your curious.  If you have a question just email me sydney@thecrueltyfreeface.com and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

Now, lets get into the Regimen nuts and bolts…..

Redefine Regimen

The right products in the right orderis what Multi-Med Therapy* is all about.

  1. Daily Cleansing Mask
  2. Pore Minimizing Toner
  3. Triple Defense Treatment with SPF 30
  4. Overnight Restorative Cream

I use this every day and so does my daughter! Your skin will feel softer and smoother with one use. Over time with proper use there is improved appearance of smoothness, texture, pore size, fine lines, wrinkles and elasticity.

Reverse Brightening Regimen

Dual Active Brightening Complex

  1. Deep Exfoliating Wash
  2. Intensive Brightening Toner
  3. Dual Active Brightening Complex
  4. Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen

Feeling like your skin has seen too much sun over the years? This will tackle dullness, discoloration and uneven skin tone which give the skin the appearance of premature aging. Use as directed for a long term solution to exfoliate, brighten and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Reverse Lightening Regimen (U.S. only)

  1. Deep Exfoliating Wash
  2. Skin Lightening Toner
  3. Skin Lightening Treatment
  4. Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen

I had serious sun damage on top of my natural freckles and this stuff is magic! It visibly lightens stubborn dark marks, patches and excessive pigmentation. Get a more even looking complexion! I went from using this to using Redefine Regimen once I had the results I wanted.

Unblemish Regimen

  1. Acne Treatment Sulphur Wash
  2. Clarifying Toner
  3. Dual Intensive Acne Treatment
  4. Oil Control Lotion


I personally have not used this but when used as directed it has super reviews. This Regimen addresses the cycle of acne by penetrating and unclogging pores, calming the complexion and stopping acne in its tracks. Rodan and Fields are the dermatologists behind Pro-Active and this is grown up acne care!

Soothe Regimen

  1. Gentle Cream Wash
  2. Sensitive Skin Treatment
  3. Moisture Replenishing Cream
  4. Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30


The men in my life have dry skin and really like step 2 and 3 for how it heals up the dry patches and keeps them away. This Regimen uses skin-soothing peptides that calm dry skin reducing the visible signs of redness. No harsh emulsifiers used in creamy moisturizers here!

Enhancements and Redefine Extras

As a Consultant I have tried most of the products in the “Enhancements” and what I call the “Redefine Extras”. I needed to know what they feel like and if they give the results promoted. Although the Regimens are the meat of this skin care program and what I recommend people start out with, there are some great additions people add down the line.

The Enhancement products in Rodan and Fields are effective and targeted to “enhance” your results by adding another ingredient layer to your Regimen. They can be added on over time as you wish. They can all be found on the website address listed earlier. I’m a start out slow kind of gal so I generally recommend waiting to add in one of the Enhancement or Extra products until you’ve used a Regimen but there are no hard and fast rules.

The “Enhancements” and “Extras” I use I’ve added in over time. Some I won’t go without day to day and others are just a few times/week or once in a while.


I really love serums, they penetrate so well, feel so good and are truly skin care must haves. Active

Hydration Serum, I use every day. T

he AMP MD System of Intensive Renewing Serum (closest thing to prescription Retinal) and Micro-Exfoliating Roller are a few times/week.

Redefine Lip Renewing Serum is also a winner, I use it at night on and around my lips to combat those pesky pucker lines.



Micro Dermabrasion Paste is aaaaahhhhh. I have customers that only order this wonderful product. Loved by men and women!






There are two eye creams to choose from, the Multi Function and the Active Hydration Bright Eye. I have both in my bag sometimes I choose, sometimes I use both!  I’ll be honest, the Active Hydration Bright Eye hasn’t rid me of my dark circles.  What I do like about it though is it helps with puffiness and gives good hydration to the under eye area.  I mix a small drop with a small drop of concealer and it blends in beautifully and there isn’t a cake look to it at all.




Self tanner, body moisturizer, body sunscreen and lip balm.  They smell wonderful and they have staying power.

There you have it

In my opinion, it’s the best pharmaceutical grade Cruelty Free Skin Care Line available. Why? Because there is a targeted program for everyone. All skin types, all concerns, all ages. Developed by San Fransisco dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, leaders in their field. There is a reason for the huge following and why it’s the number one growing skin care company in North America. ** What will your Before and After look like?  The program doesn’t take time to do at all. An extra few minutes is all it takes….easy.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have so feel free to comment. Don’t forget to try the Solution Tool, it’s pretty cool!

Canada Product Information       US Product Information (In the US you need a consultant name; Sydney Macleod)


*Based on an 8-week independent U.S. Clinical study of 20 participants

** Euromonitor Results 2016