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The Face: The Best Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands

First off for those of you that have been waiting for my Best Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands page I apologize for the delay.  I’m building it now, and I hope it won’t take me too long to get it finished!  Being the sole proprietor here my life sometimes gets in the way of progress. I’ve researched finding legit cruelty-free companies that do not sell in China where animal testing is mandatory.  The goal of this site is to show shoppers that going cruelty-free is easy once you see what is available to consumers.  I love Indy companies that follow their passions, this is my passion.  I am not paid to endorse these companies however I do have an Affiliate relationship, and therefore there may be commissions that come my way.  In no way does this impact the price you pay.  All that aside, it is my goal to find you the best companies with the best cruelty-free products and the most choices. I love to save money, and I’m betting you do too!  I always recommend that you check out the Monthly Specials Page for any discounts these companies may have running.  I update it at the beginning and mid-way of every month so make sure you have any discount codes they may be offering to my customers. I would love to hear back from you on how you like any of these companies or any suggestions you may have.  You can leave a comment or send me an email via my Contact page.

Cover Fx

I’ve started my list with Cover FX because face makeup is their numero uno priority.  Their tagline is “Cover Better, Everything you want and nothing you don’t”  Their customers are encouraged to celebrate the uniqueness of “you” and to embrace imperfections, let’s face it, we ALL have them.

Customers can customize their look based on needs and desires, and I love, love their blog “How To” pages.  It helps with everything from finding your perfect shade to every makeup technique you could need or want.

Click here to see my review of Au Naturale.  This is makeup made fresh, without the use of Parabens, animal bi-products or synthetics.  It is cruelty-free, ethical and Vegan.  Au Naturale is an ?all in? kind of company using ingredients that are better for you and packaging that?s better for the environment! Use of plastics and the impact on our oceans and sea life is a very big deal for Au Naturale; hence the packaging components are primarily aluminum with boxes 100% post-consumer waste. Plastics are avoided whenever possible.