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I wish I had written that!

Have you ever read something and thought “I wish I had written that!”  The piece I’m sharing with you is such an article.  Sometimes the truth can be painful, and the facts about animal testing in beauty products, skin care and personal care are especially hard to take.

Read the article!

Please read the Image Magazine article Cruelty-free: the truth about animal testing in the cosmetics industry.  This article is a must-read as the author goes beyond the #crueltyfree hashtag movement and gives the uncomfortable, disturbing details about what happens to the animals plus so much more.

In my previous blog posts, I took a softer approach and chose not to share all the horrific things that happen to animals in the name of beauty.  I’m not sure if I couldn’t face writing it down or if I wanted to spare you, my readers, the gory details.  The thing is, when I read this piece it reinforced my questioning of why anyone would continue to support the Proctor and Gambles and Estee Lauders (plus many more) of the world.  Testing on animals is cruel, completely unnecessary and based on greed not the potential benefit to customers.  This video is a pretty accurate dramatization of what occurs during animal testing.



Click here for an extensive list of companies that animal test

Consumer Responsibility

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It is up to us as consumers to do our part.  Yes, we can petition our governments, contact our representatives and sign petitions, this is all fabulous!  The results take a long time to process and grind through governments but we will get there, and sites like mine may no longer be needed.  I’ll be A-OK with that if it means that there will be no personal care animal testing worldwide.

We can have an impact today.  Big companies worry about their bottom lines first and foremost.  Make an impact with your purchasing, or lack thereof and these companies will start to notice that the movement is more than just a #.

The companies I support are independent, genuinely cruelty-free and in many cases vegan.  They are a principled group and care more about animal safety than making buckets of money in China.  I love what they do; I love how they do it.

Spread the word

Tell your friends what you know about animal testing in beauty products.  It’s a straightforward way to get the word out.  It’s hard to believe, but I meet people every day that have no idea this is happening!  If I can enlighten even one person, I feel like I’m making progress.  Consumers can transition to cruelty-free one product at a time, and I can spread the word one person at a time.  Together, we can make a change.

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I’d love to hear if this is news to you.  Do you plan on going cruelty-free or already have some favourite products?  Drop me a note in the comment section.